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At Watson & Dalton Hampshire based carpenters, our passion is to transform dull gardens into breathtaking, functional spaces that you dream of spending hours in. A captivating centrepiece that will enhance any outdoor expanse is a masterfully crafted, custom built pergola or gazebo. Using our combined understanding of carpentry, we can produce outstanding wooden structures, taking your specific needs and desires into account.


Our Ethos

Committed to Excellence

We understand that everyone’s outdoor space is unique, with each client requiring different specifications, which is why we tailor our builds to match exactly what you envision to complement your garden. Our truly bespoke service allows you the customer to have an active involvement throughout the process from design to construction, we listen and accommodate you. Our pergola & gazebo installation is performed meticulously and efficiently, we can guarantee customer satisfaction.


Garden Gazebo Design

At Watson and Dalton we take into consideration any existing structures or landscaping to ensure that your new framework seamlessly blends in with the rest of your garden. We are proud to be highly skilled in crafting pergolas and gazebos of all shapes and sizes and for a variety of purposes, you can be sure that your project will be finished to the highest standard. The selected materials will always be of superior quality, providing resistance to the generically poor English weather conditions! 

While on the topic of English weather, our custom made gazebos & pergolas can offer shelter from the elements, whether you’re relaxing outside in the summer and seeking shade or just enjoying the outdoors during the rain, you should always be able to appreciate your garden. 

 Adding Value to Your Garden

Sometimes it is easy to forget that your garden is an extension of your living space, with the perks of fresh air and nature. Utilising this to create a comfortable, relaxing vicinity to enjoy your private outdoor space in Hampshire or surrounding areas, is something that we advocate with our bespoke garden structures. Installing a pergola or gazebo can add visual interest to this outdoor area, inserting an element of charm and character while also offering a function such as providing shade or growing edible plants on. Whatever your reasoning for wanting a pergola or gazebo installation, Watson & Dalton Hampshire carpenters can be sure to exceed your expectations and elevate your garden space with our master craftsmanship.

Our hand-made structures can create a sense of privacy within your garden, offering an impression of seclusion, making it easier to feel safe and relaxed in your own space. Our Hampshire based business can bring our creations to surrounding areas such as Windsor, Guildford and Reading. If you would like to feature a bespoke gazebo or pergola at your home, contact us today and we can discuss and plan your visions.

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